Wooden games with three-dimensional effect

Amazaque or Jatoba?

Jatobà, also known as Brazilian cherry (although not part of the cherry family), is also called "Coubaril", "Copal" or "Amami Gum" depending on the country, nevertheless the more common name remains Jatobà. It offers a very particular fruit that some local inhabitants appreciate notwithstanding the smell is not very pleasant while its resin called Animè paradoxically has a very pleasant scent and used as incense. The origin is Central and South America as well as the Caribbean. It is a particularly dense and hard wood, widely used for flooring, furniture, tool handles, turned objects and also in the naval sector.

Its heartwood, that is the innermost and most precious part, varies from a light orange brown to a darker reddish brown with sometimes dark and decisive veins. Very resistant to decay and insects wood; it has natural qualities of flexibility and shine.

Artisans and cabinetmakers, freeing their imagination, are able to work and propose objects such as the one shown in the photograph, a wonderful panel worked and joined with a three-dimensional effect. A further testimony and confirmation of how the essence of wood can excite and surprise at the same time.