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Via alla porada, 198
20831 Seregno (MB)


Tel: +39 0362 229000
Email: info@fbtranciati.it
PEC: fbtranciati@legalmail.it
C.F. e P.I. IT07902790968

Representative Office:
48 Burj Gate
10th Floor, room #1001
Downtown - Dubai - EAU
Phone: +971 4 3216260

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Veneer is the most precious shape of the wood. It allows to enrich the best part of furniture and interiors while saving the use of this noble material.

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Solid wood is the oldest furnishing material. The traditional form of wood. The maximum expression of wood's plasticity.

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Facade cladding

Fire-treated wooden boards for exteriors' and interiors' cladding and insulation. Solutions for architecture, from small homes to large buildings.

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